Laboratory of Larisa G. Tereshchenko, M.D., Ph.D at the Knight Cardiovascular Institute, Oregon Health and SCience University

The mission of the laboratory is to develop cutting-edge tools to advance prediction, prevention and treatment of the cardiac arrhythmias and to train future leaders in cardiac electrocardiology and electrophysiology.


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Sudden cardiac death is the most devastating manifestation of cardiac arrhythmia. The overwhelming majority of sudden cardiac death cases occur in subjects without known heart disease. In about half of sudden cardiac death cases death is the first clinical manifestation of the disease, and an estimated 80% of sudden cardiac deaths are associated with coronary heart disease. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is an easily available, inexpensive and non-invasive tool, which carries valuable information on the electrophysiological properties of the heart. However, traditional analysis of ECG includes a very limited assessment of the arrhythmogenic substrate.

Our laboratory is developing a novel approach for ECG analysis. The research in the laboratory is focused on developing novel diagnostic and prognostic markers of cardiac arrhythmias, advancing our understanding of the mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis, developing life-saving preventive approaches, and improving arrhythmia treatment options.